Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lafangey Parindey

I was at a friend's house when I saw the preview for Lafangey Parindey and it look like a film I would really like to watch. Coming out the 20th Aug I am looking foward to seeing this. It does not look like a typical bolleywood film but it does have it's share or love and romance like all films. :) Keep an eye out for this one because I know it is one to watch.

Comment telling me what you think.

here is a little preview.

Anjaana Anjaani

Ranbir Kapor and Priyanka Chopra's Upcoming film Anjaana Anjaani looks like an exciting film to see. Both actors are talented and together it look like magic can happen on screen. This is a movie I am looking forward on see. I listened to the songs and they are pretty good. Very danceable to me. :) I will see this film and post a blog about it as soon as i can after.

For now i leave you with this trailer. Exciting Na?

Comment telling me what you think.

I hate luv storys

I saw this movie in theaters and thought it was an ok film, at first i thought oh theyre going to trast talk typical boy meets girl bollywood we all know and love. Well as the movie went on I saw that it was another boy meets girl bollywood film. I enjoyed it with my sister and younger cousins. I would not have this on my top list for movies to watch even if Imran Khan is a cutiie :) I thought it would be a little better than it was.

On the other hand the songs from the film was not bad. Some of them were actually really catchy club like tunes. I could listen to these songs in my car while driving type of tunes. So all in all this film would probably a 3 star for me.

But if you have watched it please comment telling me what you think. About the movie or the somewhat summary.

Monday, August 23, 2010


My name is Tasha and i am a filmi. In this blog spot I will write about films to watch, hindi or american (if asked). I love films and watch them alot. I am an aspiring director so films is kinda my thing.

In this spot you can find fims, music from films and links to find songs, films or maybe even showtimes.

Look here for the lates stuff from Bollywood.